Super portable, battery operated photo booth that makes fun GIF’s and digital images and goes anywhere you do. Yours for the. entire. weekend.
Have Selfmatic at the hotel when you’re getting ready, put it on the lawn after the ceremony, move it to the deck whilst having canapés, then set it up for the reception. It’s yours for the whole weekend! - Find out how it works

Make it Yours

We'll personalise the design overlay, just for you! Choose from one of our graphic styles and then choose a font to make it yours.


Make all the images you can! We personalise the output with your event details (name, and date) and choice of template design.


Add that bit of extra something’ somethin’ to your images, with our face tracking AR Props and image filters.

Battery Operated
Enough battery juice for the weekend (and chargers if you go real hard!)
Easy to Use
The most techiliterate of your family can get Selfmatic going in minutes.
Super Portable
It's light weight and easy to move. Take it anywhere. Seriously.
Internet Included
We include internet for syncing your events sharing and uploading to your gallery.
Image Gallery
Images upload in real time as they are taken to your own private gallery.
Email Sharing
Guest can share their favourites images straight to their email, right after they are taken.


  • Full weekend hire
  • Return shipping
  • Personalised graphic overlays
  • Setup instructions
  • 4G Internet
  • Unlimited GIFs and digital images
  • Batteries and charger
Please Note: Bookings are for the weekend.
We Deliver by Thursday and Pickup is Monday.


These add-ons are rental items and must be returned with the Selfmatic

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