The virtual photo booth that runs in a web browser. A great way to include the guests that can't be there, and a fun way to capture your party by the guests that are!
No app to install. Just open the link from your phone or PC, and you’re ready to go. Even guests that aren't physically there can use it, and be a "virtual" part of your party!

Photos & GIFs

Guests can take (or upload) photos and make fun boomerang GIFs, all from their own device! The images are personalised with your event details, and then saved to your private gallery.


sticker pack & Backdrops

We'll make you a fun custom sticker pack (including pictures of yo'self and custom signs) so guests can have fun snazzing up their images (with all things you!). Plus, with our magical AI wizardry, guests can swap their background out for something more bright and playful!



So guests take all these photos, then what? As the photos are being taken, they all feed in to a virtual version of our Big Picture mosaic. You can Live stream it at your party on a TV or projector, share the link for remote guests to view, and then download it, print it and hang it on the wall post event. Try the demo to see your image added to the Big Picture below.


  • Full weekend access
  • Custom sticker pack
  • Personalised graphic overlays
  • Perosnalised event URL
  • Unlimited GIFs and digital images
  • The Virtual Big Picture Mosaic
Selfmatic Virtual is a web based product.
We'll send your URL upon booking in.